Audi Q7 V12

  • Automatic
  • petrol
  • 5 Luggage
  • 7 Passengers

Driving Experience

The Q7 is one of the largest SUV’s we have available to rent.


The Audi Q7 is powered by a 3.0 litre supercharged V6 engine, providing 328 bhp. Some of the older petrol models did house a 4.2 litre version that was recently changed for the 3.0 litre version.


The Q7 from the outside looks like a cumbersome mass on the road, however when driving this car, you notice it feels unknowingly sporty. The supercharged engine is responsive, whilst the clever suspension system leads to minimal body roll through corners.
Take the car off-road and be surprised yet again, as this car has excellent traction off as well as on the road.


The Audi Q7 is a large SUV that is big on refinement, comfort, equipment and performance and has a massive road presence.

When you rent a luxury Audi Q7 you will experience a SUV with great on road manners and a formidable off road ability – the Audi Q7 is the consummate all-rounder.

Due to the continued financial success of big luxury SUVs, such as the Range Rover and BMW X5, Audi decided to launch their own prestige 4×4 in 2006 with the Audi Q7.

The Q7 blends acres of space with a superb Germanic build quality, and its supremely comfortable interior ensures genuine on/off road driving pleasure. Thanks to sharp handling and direct steering, and almost a complete lack of body roll, it does genuinely feel like a saloon car to drive.

But the Audi Q7s biggest asset is its huge boot that also contains two extra seats, making this SUV a completely versatile seven seater.

Every model in the P1 Audio fleet is fitted with Audi’s legendary Quattro four-wheel-drive system, to guarantee sure footed driving in bad weather conditions. Renting the luxury Audi Q7 is a popular choice with large families needing lots of space combined with a luxurious comfortable interior.


Despite its large dimensions the Audi Q7 avoids looking like a plain metal box thanks to its sleek styling which includes a tapering roofline, upswept doors, Audis familiar grille and LED running lights that provide a bit of bling!

In typical Audi fashion the cabin is awash with high quality materials, the dashboard is ergonomic there is a modern stylish streak running throughout the interior.

Considering its size the Audi Q7 feels surprisingly sporty to drive with its responsive steering and a minimal of body roll throughout corners.

The 3.0 litre V6 diesel model is easily the pick of the range, giving equal measures of performance and economy; and with the Audi Quattro System this car has tremendous traction on and off road.

Arrange a luxury rental with the Audi Q7 and experience this surprisingly athletic SUV.

Technical Highlights

The cabin on the Audi Q7 is designed for flexibility and offers great passenger seating and space for cargo with its separately folding sections, in both the second and third row.

The Audi Q7 boasts the third generation MM1 (multimedia interface) which connects to the internet to provide the driver with the latest navigation weather and traffic reports via google earth.

The Audi Q7 is fitted with an advanced 8-speed Tiptronic® transmission that provides numerous benefits to the performance and efficiency of the car. Aside from its quick, smooth gear changes; the transmission reduces fuel consumption thanks to low-rev driving; and an overdrive function that reduces engine speed when cruising on motorways. Road performance is also enhanced due to the Q7s direct-shift functions, which, for example, can allow a kick down from eighth to fourth gear.

Because of the sheer size of the Audi Q7 the model comes as standard with an advanced camera system to help with parking. The rear parking sensors acoustically indicate how far away the vehicle is from any obstacle at the rear, and measurements are made by ultrasonic sensors discreetly integrated into the bumpers.

In addition to the sonar the Audi Q7 also features an integrated backup camera; by utilizing the in-dash display the driver can see objects directly in the path of the car, when reversing.



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