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Rent a Ferrari Spyder in the Amalfi Coast, hire a Lamborghini for the German Autobahn or cruise the Dubai nightlife in a Range Rover Vogue. We have vehicles available across Europe, UK and the U.A.E., contact us today for a free quote.

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Have a look at our extensive fleet. Rent a luxury vehicle or super car anywhere in Europe, UK or the U.A.E.

Our Locations in Europe, UK and U.A.E.

What could be better than exploring Europe, Uk and UAE in a luxury rental car? Malaga Class has a wide and varied selection of exotic car rentals in multiple locations including multiple series of BMW's, a variety of Mercedes classes, and even Audi models for your trip. Reserve yours today and travel like royalty. Malaga Class car rental offers a large selection of luxury vehicles in Europe, there is nothing better than renting a luxury car in an exotic island in Spain. Malaga Class has several convenient rental locations throughout Europe.

Malaga Class offers a wide variety of choices and high-performance vehicles. At Malaga Class we stand by our motto of offering premium cars at affordable rates. With us you can feel the power of handling a sports car and experience the comfort and luxury of driving a luxury car. Malaga Class not only offers great cars to rent but also great customer service, Malaga Class offers 24/7 customer service.


Our luxury car hire services are created and delivered with you in mind. With us you can get your hands on a top luxury car and enjoy a truly esteemed service. No matter if you are taking a business trip or planning your leisure vacation; our reservation agents will help you out to plan your journey according to your wishes. What sets us apart from the competition? Our services are highly flexible, and our market position allows us to offer luxury car services that are highly competitive. We offer a wide range of luxury cars to suit your activities and lifestyle, and to help you get the most out of your holiday or business trip. Our cars are top of the range, and always updated to the latest releases.

We offer a custom service which allows clients to pick-up and drop-off their car anytime, anywhere. You can easily have the luxury car you want in the location you desire, with complete convenience and no fuss.


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